Done historical of the people and the extraordinary events, "Chronology of the Popes" 

From the 2650 cent B.C. our days

Berbers Sikani

Blue eyes, fair hair


Pelagiche island

The alphabet was invented in the area where Phoenicians and Greek long lived Together

Crete attempts an invasion of Sicily Foundation of Eraclea Minoa

424 Cent. B. C. Congress of Gela

Ermocrate promotes peace among all Sicilian cities

Syracuse defeats Athens

415 - 413 Cent. B. C.

412 - 410 Cent. B. C.

Sicilian fleet lead by Ermocrate

takes part in Sparta's war against Athens

387 - 384 Cent. B. C. Syracuse occupies:

Adria (fat the Po' river estuary), Ancona, Isle  ofElba,

Caulonia, Hipponion, Regio, Numana, Curzola,

Isso, Lisso, Corsica

298 Cent. B. C. Cipro e Leucade

212 - 210 Cent. B. C. Rome against Syracuse

Syracuse which resists the siege for 2 years

139 - 131 Cent. B. C.

Euno assmbles a 200.000 men Sicilian army against Rome

Revolts against Rome

103 - 100 Cent. B. C.

27 - 22 Cent. B. C.

17 - 24 D. C.

27 D. C.

265 D. C.

Spartacus (?)

Revolt of 10.000 slaves

73 - 71 Cent. B. C.

IV cent.

Syracuse Saint Lucia's martyrdom

a descendant of Archimedes

IV cent.

A fleet from Messina sets free

Arcadio emperor of the orient

Agatone 79th pope

Sicilian 678 - 681 against the monotelitism

Leo II 80th pope

Sicilian 682 - 683, agreement with Ravenna

to give up autocephaly

Resistance against the Arabs who 

occupied Sicily after 138 years

Saint Nicholas II 155th pope

1059 - 1061

Introduces a papal election procedure excluding the emperor's vote sought peace with Normans


Norman Sicilian Parliament

Gregorio VII  157th pope

Toscan, pope from 1073 to 1085

with papal bull assigns the Apostolic

legateship (Church Autocephaly) to Norman

King Henry IV asks for pardon in Canossa


Vesper War breaks out in Palermo on march 31

Siege of Messina

First assault on June 2, great celebration on June 3

The august 6th and 8th assault repelled

 by Dina and Clarenza

September 1282 Charles of Anjou' escape

September 1282

Messina wins against 80.000 Guelfi and Angevins

1412 - 1713

The Viceroys

The viceroys  Moncada flees to Messina

march, 7 1516


Federico Abatellis is General Captain

of the Sicilian fleet

Second Vespers



University of Messina founded


Revolution of Messina against Spain

Francesco Faranda

1835 - 1914

Tortorici - Criminal lawyer and university professor, author of many essays and deputy to the Italian Parliament. Faranda contributed to the drafting of the first Criminal Code of the Italian Kingdom