Discoveries, laws, constitutions, institutional actions 

From the 2650 cent B.C. our days

Ancient rock (permiano) known as Salomon's rock it comes to the surface in Palazzo Adriano

 (the town in the Movie Cinema Paradiso) on the Sikani mountains

The Sikani mounts are also rich in 

white flint used to make weapons

sika = flint (white)

Linear alphabet A

Linear alphabet B

deciphered in 1951

Gortina laws (Crete)

engraved in marble

Caronda legislator VII cent B.C.

Catania's laws free youth education

388 B.C. Plato's first journey to Sicily

367 B.C. Plato's second journey to Sicily

Dicearco's of  Messina 355 - 285 A. C.


Constitutions of 200 Greek cities transcribed

 by Diceraco of Messina

252 B.C. Roman slaughter of Lipai's people

212 B.C. Roman slaughter of Enna's people

Sicily is the first Roman province

212 - 210 B.C  Rome against Syracuse which resist the siege for 2 years

139 - 131 B.C.

Euno assembles a 200.000 men Sicilian

army against Rome

8.000 Of Messina's inhabitants killed 

in struggle against Romans

8.000 Of Messina's inhabitants crucified 

after surrender

20.000 Of Enna's inhabitants crucified 

after surrender

Taormina's inhabitants  thrown from

a cliff after surrender

130 B. C. Lex Rupilia (Gracchi Brothers)

The judges have determined once and inderogabile to send forth the sentences.

70 B.C.

Cicero's Verrine against 

Magistrate Verre 73 al 71 B.C.

IV cent.

Syracuse Saint Lucia's martyrdom

a descendant of Archimedes


Western Roman Empire 

disappears as a political entity

Saint Martin 74th pope

Born in Todi, elected in 590 against

emperor's monothelitism who later

arrested him died poor in exile

"Gran Mirci to the citty of Messina"

Costantinolple's  Saint Sophia Cathedral (Arcadio)

Saint  Nicholas 105th pope

858 - 867

Against Autocephaly and recognizes

Assumption day on august 15

1085 - Apostolic Legateship (Independent)

Sicilian churches born King appoints bishops

1215 - England




Federick II appoints 18 Sicilian parliamentary cities

April 3 1282

Confederation agreement among Sicilian 

municipalities against the Pope and

the Angevins (French)


Henry VIII 1491-1547

founds  Autocephalous Anglican Church 

independent from Rome

Charles V appoints the Austrian Ettore

Pignatelli of Monteleone as viceroy

1516 - 1535

1535 - Charles V visits Messina

Ancient workshop of nautical charts in Messina - 1570

1789 - French Revolution

1790 In Sicily Latin is repealad from official documents


Saverio Friscia of Sciacca founds the Sicilian socialist party which adheres to Karl Marx's first workers international