Ittiologia of the strait 


It is a very light shell produced by a peculiar species of octopus. Argonauta was studied in Messina by the biologist Jeanette Power Villepreux.

Abyssal Fish

Many abyssal fish are led to the beach due to the peculiar conformation of the Strait and its currents. For this reason, many researchers from all over the world come to Messina to study these fish (Argyropelelus Hemigynnos Cocco).


An abyssal fish that can be easily found in the Strait from Reggio to Cape Peloro.

Skeleton of dolphin stenos (spenella) inside city aquarium

The Swordfish

(Xyphias Gladius) The Straits fishermen pursue the fish from a typical 50 meters long, narrow and agile ship known as the feluca. Fishermen have a designated fishing area in the Strait. 

City Aquarium

Inside villa Mazzini; 200 trees many of which are century old.