Chronological Bibliography 



Date - Events

  Sicilian Alphabet of Adrano  
  Phoenician Alphabet  
  Alphabet Greek  
Anonymous Erice Odyssey VIII Cent. B. C.
Homer's Iliad VIII Cent. B. C.
Stesicoro's Poems VII Cent. B. C.
Empedocles Physical Poem 489 - 424 Cent. B. C.
Herodotus' Stories 480 - 424 Cent. B. C.
Various Authors The Bible 427 - 347 Cent. B. C.
Gorgia About nature and not being 483 - 375 Cent. B. C.
Plato The Republic  
  Dialogues - Timeo (Atlantis)  
Evemero of Messina The ideal communist states IV-III Cent. B. C.
  About divine invented by men  
Dicerarco of Messene Sparta's History 355 - 285 Cent. B. C.
  Peloponnesian Mounts  
  Circumference of Earth  
  Greek life custom and tradition  
  Philosopher Biographies  
  Soul dies with body  
  Music Treaties  
  Journey around the Earth  
  De hominis interior  
  Questiones Homericae  
Teocritus Syracusans 310 - 250 Cent. B. C.
Heratostenes Measure of meridian 276 - 196 Cent. B. C.
Archimedes Hydrostatics 287 - 212 Cent. B. C.
  The method  
  The lever  
  The sphere  
  The mirrors  

Crucifixion (Anversa)

Antonello of Messina

in the background: Strait of Messina

Cicero Verrine 106 - 43 Cent. B. C.
Diodoro History of peoples library 90 - 20 Cent. B. C.
Virgil Eneid 70 - 19 Cent. B. C.
Saint Mark Gospel 68
Saint Paul Gospel 10 - 67
Saint Benedict Rule 480 - 547
  He was entrusted by the pope to destroy works of art unwelcome by the catholic church.

Saint Benedict in a picture by Antonello

    7 ottobre 732 Carlo Martello ferma gli Arabi a Poitiers (Francia)
  Endrisi's Sicilian map from Roger's book.
Plato's Dialogues First translation in Sicily
Sain Francis I the canticle of creatures (1224) 1180 - 1226
Saint Clare Rule 1193 - 1252
Vincenzo of Alcamo Rosa fresca aulentissima 1250 
Dante De vulgari eloquentia 1265 - 1321
  De monarchia   
Saint Eustochia Rule found again 1434 - 1485
Costantino Lascaris Greek clasic translated 1434 - 1501
    1473 Enrico Alding prints the first book in Messina
  Vatican Museum map hall

Sicily Ignazio Danti 1536 - 1586

William Shakespeare Much ado about nothing 1623
Janette Power Villepreux Guide of Sicily 1784 - 1871
Cesare Beccaria About crimes 1764
Manzoni Promessi sposi 1785 (Cesare Beccaria nephew)
Massimo D'Azeglio The Padania ? (Marries Manzoni's daughter)
Diderot Encyclopedia 1713 - 1784
Vincenzo Bellini Norma 1801 - 1835
Michele Amari Vesper war 1806 - 1889
Tomasi di Lampedusa The Leopard  
Lenin Nation right to self determination  
  Printed for the first time in Italy Archimedes completed works. 1970
P.C.I. The Sicilian Fasci 1976
F. Renda The Sicilian Fasci 1977
Marcello Cimino Death of a nation  
  New USSR Constitution 1977
Leonardo Sciascia La controversia liparitana