The flag of the Sicily has means to you antichi and complex The Trinacria
that is found to the center of the yellow and red field has many means to
you overlapped and sincretici. The Gorgone and the three legs are two
various elements. The Gorgonica mask has similar models that are found near
antichi people in Asia and America. Still today in India, Butan, Nepal find
somiglianti masks divinity, also in near Mexico and countries.


In Greek mythology it is narrated of Perseo that cuts to the head to the
Gorgone Jellyfish with a scythe, using a shield like mirror, putting then
the head in a bag will save captive Andromeda of I dredge. The Castellazione
di Andromeda is composed from a great star centers them with three star
legs. The nebula to spiral of Andromeda instead is the only visible to eye
knot from the man from the earth.


Nobody could watch the face of the Gorgone Jellyfish why it petrified with
the look, also from dead woman, Perseo used its beheaded head in order to
petrify the adversaries. In metope archaic of Selinunte the Gorgone it is
represented like a giant in the position of the "race in knee" or in order
better saying in the position of the launch of the arrow with the arc, one
leg folded with the knee in ahead, the folded other with the knee to earth.


This position characterizes already two legs similar to those of the
TRINACRIA, the third leg is the two arms joined in the gesture to pull with
the arc. This figure filler to the matriarcato one, where women to guerriere
rode pulling with powerful arch. The snakes are those of hats of Jellyfish,
orribile yield from its vanity of being beautifulr of the Greek goddess of
the beauty, for this punished and transformed in monster with snakes in
place of hats.


The CHILD was symbol of the feminine fertility of the matrircato one.
Demetra and Kore of it represent the myth in historical age in Sicily. The
snakes represent also the birth of drugs in order to cure the diseases. The
poison of the snakes, in small doses, renders immune from poisonings. The
wings behind the Gorgone are the wings of the SIRENE (harpies) that they
were birds and not fish. This myth is legacy to the Erice mount, where
VENERE ERICINA said from Roman ERICINA RIDENS, had one defended composed of
flying women (equipped of wings) that the terror and the escape of the
sailors of the hostile ships were precipitateen from the high on the enemy
ships procurando.


The three legs without Gorgone are also on the shield of an alloy of the Peloponneso but they have them the meant one of union of the cities of the lacedemoni spartani. The just direction of spin of the legs is with the foot low and the relative one ginocchio up to its right. The yellow and red FLAG with the Trinacria is born in 1282 with the War of the Vespro.